The Best Landscape Photos of 2016, as Picked by Computer Vision

Photo platform EyeEm automatically ranks all uploaded photos and had the computer pick out the best landscape photos of the past year.

If you were asked to pick the best photos from a list of millions, you’d probably have a hard time – it’s time-intensive to go through so many images and often tough to make a call which ones really stand out from the rest.

Photo platform EyeEm is trying to solve that problem by taking the decision away from humans and having computers do the selection instead. The company’s computer vision technology scans every photo uploaded by their community and automatically ranks them by different aesthetic criteria.

The technology learns what photos are beautiful by recognizing the different elements in photos and matching them with other images – such as nature photos – that have been selected by professional photographers.

The result is an automatic ranking of all photos. You can see the 20 best landscape photos the computer picked right here:

By Li Fang

By Willem Douven

By Madeleine Jolièe

By FloriK

By Rafael

snow mountain
By Vincent CHAN

By Jonas Hafner

By Ueli Frischknecht

By Daumas Photography 📷

By zenitt

By Benjamin Lee

By Bachi Tabatadze

By Lauren Kim

By Anna Kravtsova

By Pixelated Earth

By Shabbir Jamaly

By Christian Bartle

By Robyn Fielder

By Yordan Nugraha

By Johannes Hulsch

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