Best Meditation Apps That Help You Deal With Anxiety


Anxiety wasn’t a popular term a few decades ago, and those who suffered from it naturally fought with it on their own or depended on medical care. The sheer discomfort of disclosing and discussing your mental health concerns is enough for people to hide their predicament. 

Research says that an estimated 31.1% of individuals in the United States will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives.

Thanks to modern apps, you don’t have to deal with anxiety alone. You can simply download the app that fits your need and learn to cope with anxiety. 

Meditation apps make it easier to start a practice because there are many quick and simple options to start slowly and go at your own pace. They also make it simpler to keep the habit continuing by providing the opportunity to create reminders and adapt your program to your schedule and specific requirements.

If you are scouting for the best meditation apps that help to deal with anxiety, here are our recommendations:


#1. Headspace 

Headspace is an excellent app to check out if you want to deal with anxiety through meditation. This meditation app has a one-minute onboarding animated video. As per the Stormotion blog post, that is one of the best ways since onboarding should only highlight important features. You may get a glimpse of the app’s extensive collection using the free edition, which has various interesting content options. 


#2. Calm 

Calm is a meditation app that really lives up to its name, as it ushers users into a state of mental tranquility. As soon as you open the app, you are prompted to either finish the Daily Calm or find a meditation that is more relevant to calming what you are going through, whether it be anxiety, tension, a desire to stop bad habits, or anything else. In addition, there are body scans, walking meditations, masterclasses, and Sleep Stories. 


#3. Smiling Mind 

Smiling Mind is a free meditation software designed by psychologists and educators that provides various programs for people of all ages. The app’s primary focus is cultivating mindfulness and helping deal with anxiety.


#4. Aura 

Aura is made for people who hardly have enough spare time. Aura is an excellent option for anybody who may want assistance calming their nerves before an important meeting, soothing their fears as an airplane takes off, or being startled out of a momentary panic attack. The three-minute sessions and thirty-second anxiety busters it offers are intended to protect you against experiences of this kind and magnitude. 


#5. Breethe 

If you find it difficult to deal with bouts of anxiety or panic attacks, then you will find this app quite fulfilling. You can easily peruse articles on this app that will assist you in coping with anxiety or falling asleep with ease by selecting your objective and then clicking on it. 

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and sleeplessness are all related to mental stress. Thankfully, we live in an era where help is just a click away, so when dealing with anxiety, you can choose any convenient app. 

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