Best Modern Comedy Series Guaranteed to Give You a Laugh

When it comes to finding the best modern comedy series, recent networks have been stepping up their game with hilarious plots, goofy characters, and tons more laughs. If you are looking to get a chuckle, Bob’s Burgers, Last Man On Earth, and Jane The Virgin are among the funniest shows on TV right now. Each is extremely funny in their own right, but their approach to comedy is very different. These shows have perfected their tone, theme, and overall comedic timing.

Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers

With an 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Bob’s Burgers has grown quite a cult following. Created by Loren Bouchard, and written by several talented writers like Wendy and Lizzy Moleneux, the show focuses on the misfortunes and adventures of the Belcher family. Unlike other adult cartoons where shock comedy is the main focus, Bob’s Burgers perfects the art of character driven humor. Often when adult humor is incorporated into cartoons, it’s distasteful or just too easily understood by anyone who views it. Bob’s Burgers typically has the children of the family making the crude jokes, and are subtle enough to where anyone not paying close attention wouldn’t catch it.

Last Man On Earth

Last Man On Earth

Last Man On Earth is a show about a man who somehow survived the apocalypse and has to find a way to survive. The premise of the show doesn’t sound like your typical comedy but once our hero realizes he is not, in fact, the last man on earth, the laughs just never stop. The true charm in this show is the amount of heart and emotion between the main characters. As he goes through his last days on earth, the audience begins to fall in love with the main character and there is also a lot to love and hate about different characters who show up. It has managed to captivate audiences and is scheduled for a season 3 later this fall.

Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin

Surprisingly, there is a comedy plot more outlandish than Last Man On Earth, and it has surprised audiences with Jane The Virgin. Jane, a Latina woman who happens to be a virgin, ends up getting pregnant because her doctor accidentally inseminated her. Jane The Virgin is the most dramatic between the three shows, but does not lacks in laughs. The show’s writing is close to perfect and each character is written to help drive the story, making it a tight and hilarious ride.

Bob’s Burgers, Last Man On Earth, and Jane The Virgin are among the best modern comedy series guaranteed to give you a laugh. If you can’t get earlier seasons online, don’t forget to check out Pristine Sales or your local library to help you get caught up. Take a few hours out of your week to catch up on these shows, and they will surely leave you with a smile on your face!

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