Best Movie Themed Slots

3D slot game

Releasing movie branded online casino games is a huge deal in today’s casino market. Many big providers are making movie based slot games in their own style. If you’re an avid movie lover and like playing online casino games, then this is a great option for you. There’s a wide selection of movie genres you can choose from, all backed up with nice slot bonuses and jackpots.

Top Box Office Blockbusters

There are plenty of exemplary settings you can revisit in an online slot game. An excellent example of this case is the Ghostbusters video slot game, a quirky and unique gambling game, just like the movie. If you’re nostalgic about Hollywood memorabilia, take a ride down memory lane, with a Grease themed slot game. It features recognizable characters, iconic memorabilia and best of all, great bonuses and free spins bonuses. For those of you who prefer a more serious slot game, you can choose from a plethora of different installments, including Titanic, Planet of the Apes, Gladiator and Tomb Raider.

 Action-Packed Games

Are you nostalgic about the long-gone action-packed and mind-blowingly fun Hollywood movies of the ’80s and ’90s? With movie-themed slot games, you can stand side by side with eponymous characters from the original Terminator franchise or join Superman in his quest to save the world. Revisit some of the most popular cult movies like RoboCop or brush shoulders with John Rambo in one of the Rambo themed online slots. One of the most popular 80’s movie-themed slot game is the Rocky online slot, made by Playtech. The game features all of the main characters from the movie franchise, including Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed, and Clubber Lang. When playing Playtech slots, you should also watch out for the progressive jackpot, as they can go up to millions of dollars in prizes.

 Classical Movie Choices

If you’re more of an old-school kind of guy, you might find your fancy in slot games that are themed after some of the iconic old Holywood movies. From James Dean and John Wayne to Marylin Monroe themed slots, there are a lot of golden era movie-themed slot games available. If you’re a fan of the silent movie era, you can get a fix by playing a similarly themed online slot game.

Extended Movie Choices

No matter what kind of movies you like and what type of slot games are your favorite, you can without a doubt find a game that you will love. Pick a game based on a movie you love, and stick to a proven provider, because all of their games will be excellent optimized and enjoyable to play. Asides from movie-themed slot games, players also have a wide array of TV series themed games as well. From classic shows like The Sopranos to more modern hits like Game of Thrones. You can play those games for free or for real money and have hours of fun replaying your favorite movie through the game.

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