Best Of Back to The Future 21 October Videos

What did Back to the Future get Right about life in 2015?

I still can’t believe it will be 30 years when Back to the Future predicted all these things. I have seen the movie when I was young but the memory is still fresh in my mind when I was saw the movie and mesmerized by the predictions of the future gadgets.

Cool BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy Fan Art 

Now, November 2015 is here and back then I thought that this day will never come and always wondered how it will be — time really flies when you are young but now when I look at this future, it is not quite what we thought in the ’85.

FAST & FURIOUS and BACK TO THE FUTURE Crossover Movie Trailer

Here I give you the best videos internet produced for the occasion. This must be the first time when we saw this much anticipation for the future predicted in a motion picture. Enjoy!

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Posted by La Casa Del Curioso Haradak on Monday, October 19, 2015


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