Best Of Cosplay Collection 2015

2105 is started and new cosplays are coming in, In 2015 we will see some a lot of 3D printed cosplays – 3D Printers are getting are cheaper and more and more cosplayers are adapting to the technology. But we will always love the old school ways of cosplays, We featured here some of the best cosplays trending around the internet these are detailed and most of all very colorful. We love the creativity and the imagination goes into these costumes.

Cosplay - FizX (11)

Scorpion Cosplay by Bethany Maddock — Photo by AshB — Via Women of Comicbook Cosplay

Cosplay - FizX (10)

Venom Cosplay by Mongrelman

Cosplay - FizX (9)

Zombie Snow White Cosplay by Jessica McCurry — Zombie Ariel Cosplay by Julia Williams — Makeup by Hillary Hunt — Photo by Jesse Newman — Via Cosplay Blog

Cosplay - FizX (8)

Jack Skellington Cosplay by Fenski — Via Fashionably Geek

Cosplay - FizX (7)

Tinkerbell Cosplay by Cupcake Disko Cosplay — Photo by Jason Collier

Cosplay - FizX (6)

Robin Cosplay by Eve Beauregard — Photo by What A Big Camera — Via Geek X Girls

Cosplay - FizX (5)

Cammy White Cosplay by Maryjane Cosplay — Photo by Darkain Multimedia

Cosplay - FizX (4)

Dhalsim Cosplay by E-D-G — Photo by Bigwhitebazooka

Cosplay - FizX (3)

Cyclops Cosplay by Nadya Sonika — Photo by Andreas Schneider

Ally's Hellgirl costume for Halloween 2013

Hellgirl Cosplay by Alexandra Hanson — Via Geeks Are Sexy

Cosplay - FizX (1)

Winter Soldier Cosplay by Aaron Rivin — Photo by Dru Phillips

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