The Best Online Games for 2014


Online gaming represents huge business in 2014, to the point where this sector is now providing serious competition to traditionally dominant console platforms. This is reflected in the statistics, with Big Fish Games revealing that the market for online gaming is becoming increasingly diverse and well received by female players. Women now account for 47% of all online gamers in the U.S., up 5% from that of 2012.

As a result of this diversification, there is now a wide range of online games available for players to enjoy. From fantasy adventure titles to sport, to the virtual poker tables, there is something to please every conceivable taste across a wide social demographic. Many of these games are also free to access and offer considerable flexibility, so players can tailor their own experience while also saving money.

The Top 3 Online Games of 2014

As we continue throughout what’s already been a fantastic year for gaming, we take a look at three must downloads to keep you entertained right through Christmas and into 2015.


Full Tilt

If you’re a fan of online or mobile poker and enjoy fast paced gaming, then the Full Tilt Poker experience is ideal for you. Not only does it afford players the opportunity to play for real money, but it also combines the very best of real-time gameplay and the excitement of corporeal poker rooms.

Going mobile will also increase the excitement with the brands Rush Poker app providing a fast-paced, multi-tabling game, that puts you straight onto another table as soon as you fold. They’re some of the best mini online games, and perhaps the closest you can get to the thrill of Vegas without passing through McCarran International.


Planetside 2

A highly anticipated sequel, Planetside 2 is an epic gaming experience that follows the classic online business model. Graphically impressive and genuinely engaging, it is free to access while also offering you the opportunity to tailor your experience through optional in-game purchases.

One of its most unique benefits is that it enables you to oversee the tactical aspects of planning your campaigns, before taking part in massed assaults on enemy bases and rival armies. In many ways, Planetside 2 embodies everything that is positive about online gaming; it’s free to access and malleable to the needs of individual gamers, whilst also featuring the most appealing aspects of console platforms.


World Striker 2014

With the World Cup in Brazil having just had its final whistle blown, fans across the globe are still gripped by tournament fever and revelling in one of the most enjoyable championships in recent memory. This has helped to popularise a number of available flash titles, with World Striker 2014 the Lionel Messi – or in this case Lionish Messy – of the bunch.

OK, so the names have been slightly edited, but the game is free to access and bar the misspellings, you can star as your favourite players and nation in the greatest tournament of all time.

It’s very simple design, so don’t expect it to be up to Fifa standard, but it is the perfect game to pass five minutes at your desk, whilst graphics come straight from the SEGA Megadrive School of Gaming – which is perfect for those retro gamers. So forget the pink boots, forget the rolling around on the floor, and lace up your Copa Mundial’s and get playing…

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