Best Quotes Of Lord Tyrion

George R R Martin has announced a new book about Lord Tyrion called, “The Wit And Wisdom Of Lord Tyrion.” According to BookSeller, “The hardback title will gather together ‘clever and naughty quips’ from the popular character from A Song of Ice and Fire series, played in the HBO series by actor Peter Dinklage.” I don’t know if we need an entire compilation of Lord Tyrion’s quotes when we all have Google and are absolutely obsessed with the show but, hey, why not? In case you were wondering what kind of “wit and wisdom” you might find in the new book, we’ve rounded up the best Lord Tyrion quotes to get you in the mood for some “half-man sass.”

On Sex As A Weapon . . .


On Giving Psychopaths Power


On Brunching With The Girls


On Brunching With The Girls . . .


On Owning Your Flaws And Being A Fierce Bitch


On Trying To Silence The Haters


On Staying A Step Ahead Of The Basic Betches


On Freeing Yourself From Dem Shackles, Girl


On The Grass Always Being Greener


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