Best Snapchat Spy Apps


Spy phone application is intended for monitoring your workers or your children on the phone. Do you feel for your children activity? Then you can monitor their works, where are they now? And who are their friends from Snapchat applications. Using these Snapchat applications, you can access others emails, call logs, internet history and you can also block different applications without their knowledge. Here, we are providing the topmost snap spy applications given below.

XNSPY Snapchat Spy App

XNSPY Snapchat spy application is designed to similar in temperament with all IOS and Android devices. Using this snap app, you can track SMS, call logs, application chats and GPS etc. XNSPY Snapchat does not need any rooting or jailbreaking. You can simply install Xnspy Snapchat spy app into your phone. Initially, you should register the Spyzie account by providing the email address and user password. Then, you should connect with the target device and select start monitoring option to monitories their activities.


Using PhoneSheriff, you can spy all Android and iOS devices and you can footpath their SMS, call logs and GPS, etc. You can easily set up without any jailbreak and it supports email and website. You can keep an eye on all locations, user behavior and communications of the mobile device. PhoneSheriff is the best

Snap Spy Apps powerful and excellent parent control software for tablets and android mobiles. This app has made life easier for parents to carry on track their children’s activities. This phone app is mainly used for mobile phone tracker to access the other’s data.


Using own spy, you can solve different problems in your personal and professional life by snooping others information. The main features of OwnSpy are used to spy on SMS message, tracking calls, media files, monitoring internet history, WhatsApp, phone camera and phone’s memory. The own spy software application is easy to install and use at an affordable price. Ownspy software app is no noticeable.

Ikey Monitor

Ikey Monitor application is developed for the parents or owner to monitor their children or employees on their mobile phone. You should pay the extra money, if you want to add parental control option and multimedia monitoring and can avail another application. Ikey monitor apps allow works in discreet mode and it is unbreakable to spot. You can seize screenshots and passwords on the targeted device. The disadvantage of Ikey monitor is to keep an eye on multiple devices and then you have to pay additional licenses.


Mobistealth app is supported for all android, iPhones, Symbian and Blackberry devices. It is used for tracking your children’s internet activity in different ways. You can monitor the incoming and outcoming images, calls, and messages. You can be able to track URLs and recording the surroundings of the android device. Mobistealth is the widest range of mobile tracking applications to keep on the calls. Mobistealth has no blocking website and blocking contacts features and it has no keyword alert features.


Teensafe is the finest mobile application which is mainly developed for parents to monitor their kid’s activities. You can access all sent, received messages and you can check the deleted messages. You can locate your children location by using GPS location. With the help of TeenSafe, you can view your children’s WhatsApp, Viber, hike, messenger, Instagram and Facebook messages. Unfortunately, Teensafe has no parental control options to block any websites or any applications.

Mspy Snapchat Spy App

Mspy is the one of the most popular Snapchat spy application software in the world. Mspy Snapchat spy application can be installed on your children’s phone and you can monitor their text, call logs, email message, and social media activity. You can read the instant messages from WhatsApp, hike, Facebook Instagram and Skype. You can be able to access the phone book, calendar and you can set keyword alerts on the android phone.


Flexispy is the advanced monitoring applications that used to track Smartphone easily. Flexispy is easy to install and user-friendly and you can call, record or intercept on the live call. You can put invisible mode on the others phone and you can view their activity remotely. You can track detailed call information, address book and text messages in detail. You can run on flexispy apps on the nonrooted android device and it has no blocking alternative for websites or any other applications.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy apps were designed by Retina-X studios for monitoring the applications, calls, messages on ios, android and blackberry devices. Mobile Spy helps to track the deleted images, text, phone calls and internet browsing history including in the incognito mode. You can situate the website blockers to put off your children’s bad activities. The main features of mobile spy app is you can set the keyword or notification alerts when your children use badly chosen a word in their text messages, phone calls or searching inoffensive topics in the internet.

Highster Mobile

Highster mobile application is one of the best snap applications surreptitiously watch any android or Ios phone device. This application is mainly used for cell phone tracking, SMS, text message, call tracking, media files, emails and stealth camera from others’ phone. Highster mobile takes more time for installation and it has a onetime fee for this application. The major disadvantage of Highster mobile app does not contain any parental control options. You cannot block applications and websites of others from using Highster mobile.


Copy9 is the best app for Snapchat spy and it allows you to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, Viber, hike, skype messages etc. You can check other’s chat history, internet history and also you can be able to check out the deleted messages. You can right to use other phone book and sent and received email messages. It will be very useful to monitor your partner if you think they secrete somewhat from you. The most important feature is the ability to record the phone calls and you can get all the information from the target mobile device.


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