Best Spyware For Android To Track Phone Location, Record Calls And More


There are many many uses for spy app and not all the obvious ones and it is available on many platforms, Including Android, Windows PC, and Mac OS X.


Track Cell Phone Location

Who doesn’t like action-packed movies about spies? Tech in the movies always seems over the top and all seems impossible but tech featured here are all real and feels like straight out of the movie. Both GPS system and the signals from Wi-Fi spots closest to the target device can be used as the sources of data to track phone location. The signal obtained with the help of GPS is highly accurate. While the signal received using Wi-Fi spots is less exact but requires less battery power.


Track All Sent and Received SMS and MMS

This brilliant app saves all the SMS and MMS conversations on the Android devices.

The text message spy app records the exact time when a message was sent or received. Not just that but when you spy on text messages, you get a phone number of the conversation partner and their name as it was written in the address book of the target device.

Text message spy records calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Contacts, and GPS location.


Things It Has To Offer

You don’t need all the high tech gear you see in the movie to track and spy, now there is a spy app for Android which will do just that. This is the simplest option, which might come up at the same time the most effective one. Do you want to have access to phone calls, the location of your children or relatives, or to track your employee’s movements and their delivery schedules? It is all very simple and no tech guys needed to operate this app. Just simply download Hoverwatch app for Android and follow the simple instructions.

Why is Hoverwatch loved by so many? Check out the list of functionalities it offers below:

  • Downloading all incoming and outgoing calls through an online account.
  • Reading SMS messages that were sent, received, or even those that have already been removed.
  • Viewing all available contacts in the address book.
  • Tracking of all the places where the device was located.
  • Controlling all sites that this device visited.
  • Even when SIM card is moved to another device the possibility of surveillance doesn’t disappear, as exactly the card number is tracked.
  • Monitoring of all the activities and events marked in device calendar.
  • Monitoring correspondence and files in social networks, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Every time when unblocking the phone front camera takes a picture.

And it is all invisible and incognito and your tracks are well hidden.


How To Exactly Work The App

It is not all about surveillance, App is simply irreplaceable in case of theft or loss of your smartphone. In case of your device’s theft, when SIM card is changed, you will find out the location and get a snapshot from the front camera of your phone, which will give a chance to return the lost thing. How cool is that! not the losing part of your smartphone but to track and see the face of the person who did the actual theft.

It’s very simple to install the application, as I mentioned earlier you don’t need a special set of skills or a British accent to work this app. It’s enough to register with your email address, choose a password and create an account, like all the services. Then, you need to download Free Phone Spy on a tablet or smartphone which you would like to monitor and go through the installation process. That’s all! Yep, and it is all hidden.


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