Best Video Game Companies Of All Time

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There are seemingly hundreds and hundreds of video game companies out there trying to make their way in the world, and deliver their games to eager customers. But what are the best video game companies, and why? This article will look at the top 3 best video game companies of all-time, what makes them so great, and the different video games and video game franchises they have helped to produce. No doubt this topic is pretty controversial among gamers, and there is lots of room for debate, but here are 3 best video game companies that are great because of what they have done for the gaming industry through their creations:

3. Rock Star

Rock Star did a huge favor to gaming when they released their first in the line of the many Grand Theft Auto games in the franchise. These games allowed you to do everything from actually completing missions to carrying out mischief, exploring the map to commit random crimes, or just shooting prostitutes to steal their money. Rock Star games have also started the Midnight Club series of video games, which bring racing fans a whole new experience in racing games with their very customizable cars, and complex, switchable soundtracks, and various missions. Even today, Rock Star continues to pump out pretty good games, whether connected with these franchises or not. Other games like Red-Dead Redemption and LA Noir have also been big hits for this gaming company. Chances are, they still have more than just a few great games up their sleeve.

2. Valve

Valve is the huge name who brought groundbreaking games like Portal and Half-Life to the masses. They have also produced the Left 4 Dead games, along with the Counter-Strike game. Portal has become nearly a subculture onto itself, with specific memes, glitch and play videos by the hundreds online, and gamers who just won’t quit playing the game for hours! It’s just that good. Whenever Valve releases a game, players can rest assured that whatever they have done this time will be pretty groundbreaking, engaging, and fun to play. Many of their games are still based upon the above franchises, but still great.

1. Nintendo

It almost seems silly to not have a list of the best video game companies without mentioning Nintendo. This Japanese company has brought us Donkey Kong, Mario, Metroid, and Smash Brothers. Who can ever forget classic games like that? Their characters are instantly recognizable in such a way that many other companies can only dream of, even in their old-school 8-bit formats. Nintendo also continues to pump-out quality games and consoles, even while most gaming companies are only focused on one or the other. They helped to get the home gaming console craze underway, with the likes of Atari and Sega, but unlike these long-gone peers, they still continue to thrive. Younger gamers are also discovering their older classic games via online emulators, downloads available on their consoles, throwback games, and more.

This article is written by Anna.  she is a lifelong programmer, game developer, and game-player, and as of 1999, a parent as well.

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