Best Ways to Watch TV in the Twenty-First Century


It wasn’t too long ago that there was only one place you watched TV: on TV. Now, the idea of being bound to a single television is as antiquated as rabbit ears on a tube TV. There’s a wide range of ways to watch TV today and many other options for dodging commercials. It just depends on which method you prefer. Here’s a look at today’s most modern ways of watching television with ease.

The Old-Fashioned Way

There’s nothing wrong with adhering to tradition. If you have a comfortable enough couch and a good screen, there’s no reason to discourage watching TV live. For events that are broadcast live, such as sports competitions and award ceremonies, it actually makes more sense to watch them live than to wait until later.

With a Digital Video Recorder

Sometimes busy schedules cause you to miss the show you make a point to watch live every week. When that happens, a good solution is to invest in a DVR. This way, you can record your shows in advance and then catch them later. Plus, you can record while watching in case it’s a particularly great episode that you know you’ll want to see again very soon. These recorders are made more interactive all the time so investing in the latest can mean years of entertainment down the road.

On Your Computer

Thanks to the likes of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, people are now able to catch up with TV programs through sophisticated interfaces. There are special streaming devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV which help to make the process easier as well. However, you can also stream them on your own computer or laptop. Using online options can be a lot cheaper, and getting rid of more traditional routes means, even more, savings for you. Lately, articles on ADT vs Xfinity security systems have also pointed out the option many streaming options have, security systems and home automation. Along with your favorite shows, these systems can connect your whole house to the world.

On Your Phone or Other Mobile Device

Many smartphones are now making it easier to watch TV on the go, live broadcast, or otherwise. For instance, the NFL Mobile app allows Verizon Wireless customers to watch NFL games live on their phones. Plus, Netflix has recently introduced offline downloading for select series and movies, meaning you can watch without incurring the wrath of data overage charges. Getting rid of a bulky TV can sound better than ever with these options out there.

Watching TV can be a solitary entertainment, something you do on a quiet night in with family, or an event with friends. There are few things as pleasurable as watching a great sports match in a crowded bar or restaurant with everyone’s eyes glued to the screen in gleeful excitement as well. No matter how many new innovations came along in how we watch television, we guarantee that there will always be a need for the camaraderie that comes from watching something monumental live, alongside strangers who could very well become your new friends.


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