Big Foot Exists In The New Trailer of EXISTS


Eduardo Sanchez, director of ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ is at it again with a new found footage horror film, ‘Exists.’ But this time he’s ditched the witch and is tackling a new myth: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, whatever you want to call him.

The first trailer for ‘Exists’ is now online and gives us a peek at the latest found footage project from Eduardo Sanchez.

‘Exists’ follows a group of friends as they head off for a weekend in the Texas woods, only to find that they’re being hounded by Bigfoot. And it just so happens that one of them is recording everything, as you do when you head off into the woods — you know, just in case something crazy happens.

Stars Dora Madison Burge (of ‘Friday Night Lights’ fame), Brian Steele, and Samuel Davis.

Release Date October 24.


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