Big Gadgets For Big Boys

Big Gadgets For Big Boys

When does a boy become a man? When does he stop playing? At age 90? We doubt that. Boys, after all, will be boys! Only, the toys change. You will look askance at a young man playing hide-and-seek, won’t you? There is a caveat here though. If this item of play includes some female participants, it takes an altogether different dimension. Or, does it?

Are Playmates Toys?

Big boy toys are a big business. Serious players hardly look for playmates. What they want to get their hands on is toys and gadgets like a radio that floats or a meerkat toy that reminds him of adventures in the sub-Saharan sand dunes.

Toys that are Appropriate

In the light of the above revelation, a full-blown mature man who is also a father would not be averse to receiving an appropriate toy on a Father’s Day or any generic toy on a day like Christmas. Gift a man beer glass cufflinks and see him light up like real cut-glass beer mug. You can be sure of getting an invitation presto to a generous mug of beer!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Have you heard of toys in which there is inherent humor and a jolly good fun element? For instance, you will have your friend smiling whenever he is in the bathroom if you had earlier gifted him arse/face soap. Get an IV packet that oozes gel that looks like real blood and administer it in such a way as to look as if it is pouring from the shower. The blood bath would make him panic but you could die laughing.

Book Thief

Are you a vociferous reader? A big no? It does not matter. You can still buy a safe that is concealed inside a book and sleep relatively peacefully in the knowledge that you have stashed away your valuables. You only have to hope that the thief who comes visiting you in the nocturnal hours had not come across an identical safe during his many escapades.

Mankini as Toy

If you are a swimmer plus a bit of a show-off, a mankini is what you want to buy as a toy to play around with. Are you causing the water in the pool raise perceptibly when you walk by in your mankini? Don’t’ worry, just remember you are a show-off and all will be well. Electronic coin sorters, grooming kits, lover board games are all game for someone who delights in having toys.

Electronics to Rescue

Electronics has given birth to numerous toys that a child in man will be proud to own. If you are someone with money to burn, sports cars are the best way to squander your money. They will put you back by some millions but it is worth every penny that went out of your wallet.

Sophisticated spy cameras, remote listening devices can all be fun but can also be source of trouble if you were not careful.

Computer Games

Big Gadgets For Big Boys

Computers are the main source of fun these days. Its variations like laptops and tablets can keep one busy for hours together. They pack a whole lot of facility to double as toys. Games, social interactions, making music are all fun activities. Work can also transform into fun if you are creative.

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