Biggest Laughs And Most Moving Moments From Impact Comedy “Coffee Wars”


The new movie “Coffee Wars” is an impact comedy about veganism, ethical consumerism, and female entrepreneurship. It’s filled with hilarious moments that illuminate broader, pressing themes, making us laugh and teaching us valuable lessons at the same time. When you watch the film, you’ll be inspired to change the world, just like the main character Jo, played by the luminous British singer-songwriter Kate Nash.

Are you excited to tune into the movie? Here are three moments from “Coffee Wars” that get big laughs—and present important messages that we can learn from.


The Confrontation with the Dairy Milk Customer 

“Coffee Wars” opens with a customer walking into Jo’s vegan coffee fixated on the two phones in her hand. She barely looks up as she orders a latte with dairy milk. If she had looked up, she’d see that she was in vegan territory. Heck, there’s a huge sign that says, “For ethical and planetary reasons, we do NOT serve cow’s milk… So if you want cow’s milk, BUGGER OFF!”

So, what does Jo do? She tells the customer to bugger off… but not without first giving her a lecture on the moral consequences of cow’s milk. In this scene, we can laugh at Jo’s delivery as well as learn all about the horrid conditions cows live under at the same time. It’ll make you think. You might learn something new, like how farmers impregnate cows just to get more milk out them. That’s messed up, right? Who could say no to a vegan latte after that? Following her tirade, Jo literally kicks the customer out, and the film is perfectly set up: We know exactly who Jo is and what she will and won’t tolerate.


The Barista Competition 

During the barista competition, which is so over-the-top unbelievable that it’s hilarious, Jo and her teammates band together to create an incredible almond milk latte. Jo faces off against her archrival, a coffee shop owner named Rudy, played by “Game of Thrones” actor Toby Sebastian, who makes dairy milk lattes and is hoping to seize Jo’s beloved coffee machine. Jo has to work extra hard to try to beat him and win the title.

In this scene, Jo and her colleagues prove that teamwork makes the dream work. They fight back against everybody who mocked them and show that if you believe in something, you need to stand up for it… no matter what.


The Coffee Shop After the Competition 

In this scene, the movie comes full circle: the customer at the beginning comes back in for a vegan latte. Of course, she loves it, because Jo is a latte-making wizard. Perhaps her methods were a little unorthodox, but she did convince that customer, and everyone else, that lattes could be great without dairy milk.

Even if you’re at rock bottom, like Jo was, never compromise your beliefs. The world values authenticity. It’s inspiring to other people. Jo may have gone a non-traditional route, but she demonstrates to others–and to viewers–that going your own way is the best way.

Make sure you check out all these great moments, and many more, in “Coffee Wars.”

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