Bioshock: Infinite DLC Sends Players Back To Rapture

‘Bioshock: Infinite’ DLC Sends Players Back To RaptureIt’s only been four months since Bioshock: Infinite hit store shelves, and garnered critical acclaim worldwide. Since the dramatic, and slightly confusing conclusion of the story, gamers have been craving more. Irrational Games has been teasing DLC for some time (and selling a Season Pass to boot), but details have finally arrived.

Two brand new trailers shed some light on what gamers are to expect from ‘Burial At Sea’ and ‘Clash in the Clouds,’ the next two installment of Infinite content. Each DLC is different in that one will be more story-focused, while the other is action-based and available for download today.

First to be detailed is the DLC every fan has been waiting for: the story-focused ‘Burial At Sea.’ Not much was known about how Irrational would proceed in expanding the story of Booker and Elizabeth; the only real crumb of information came from a senior animator’s LinkedIn profile, listing work on a new AI companion for Bioshock: Infinite DLC. That tidbit led many to believe entirely new characters could be introduced, but that the partner mechanics that Booker and Elizabeth shared in the main game would remain relatively unchanged. They had no idea just how right they were.

‘Bioshock: Infinite’ DLC Sends Players Back To Rapture

In the meantime, gamers can download the second DLC, ‘Clash in the Clouds’ today – as in right this very moment. The expansion is built around an arena combat mode that presents a series of additional challenges for players – including four maps and waves of enemies to fight, plus plenty of rewards.

If players complete all sixty available challenges, they will unlock some exclusive content via the Columbian Archeological Society, such as new Voxophones, concept art, and more. All of this content is available to download for a reasonable $4.99 and is included in the season pass.

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