Blade Runner’s Initial Remarks From The Execs

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Now a cult classic Blade Runner was not well received when it was released back in ’82 , It was ahead of it’s time by miles people were actually confused then entertained and movie was very complexed for some to be honest it’s still very complexed for me and now we get to know that we are not the only people who were confused even the people invested in the movie was not very happy with the result , As you can see from this document and some of the comments it received .

Among the many who weren’t so hot on the film at first were the very execs who funded it, Tandem Productions’ Jerry PerenchioBud Yorkin, and Robin French. The company compiled a list of notes following a screening in January 1982, where they blasted the film as “deadly dull” and complained about the voiceover, the dialogue, the music, the pacing, and much more. A copy of that document has just hit the web, and you can see it for yourself after the jump.

In any case, the execs’ negativity evidently wasn’t enough to sour Scott on the movie. The filmmaker has referred to Blade Runner as “probably” his most complete and personal film, and is now eyeing a return to that universe with a new sequel.


Remarks From The People Who Actually Funded This.

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