Blizzard Designs These WARCRAFT Cosplays And They Look Epic


On Henchmen Studios Facebook page I discovered a World of Warcraft cosplay where Bubbles Cosplay and Snowdinson Cosplay were suited as Alleria Windrunner and High Exarch Turalyon and the suits are absolutely astonishing, I also get to know that Henchmen Studios had discussed with Blizzard to construct these wonderful sets of armor. It took a month and ten people to make these beauties, hand-crafting them before applying urethane resin, epoxy, and fiberglass. You can check out the video below in which the whole process is shown.

This is the most amazing Warcraft cosplay I have seen in a while, just check out Alleria eyes they are simply amazing and equally terrifying at the same time. Just think if you have seen her on some event and start gazing into her eyes, freaky.


Check out the images and the video below and tell us what you think about the cosplay and which other cosplay you want Blizzard to design.



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