Blondes in Movie History

Blonde female artistes have at all times been the best and they are regarded as the most stunning women in Hollywood. Their attractive looks with blonde locks have at all times captured the hearts of individuals. They usually have massive fan following. Hollywood blondes lead in movie history. Embrace yourself, because we are about to represent you the top ten blondes ever!

10. Doris Day

Blondes in movie history

The personification of the pretty, goody blonde, Doris set the standards for Miss Sunshine and was at all times faultless in all she did. Her small, blonde symbolized a secure, saccharine blonde of an age long gone.

 9. SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker brought her renowned blonde tresses to the capital, and placed blonde on the fashion maps. In her L’Oreal advertisements, she tries to trade a thousand shades of blonde and we trust her. Why? It is for the reason that she is worth it.

8. Daniel Craig

Blondes in movie history

As the only guy on the listing, we believe Daniel Craig deserves his position on our top ten list, since never has such a storm been made around Bond when we realized he will be a blonde. Daniel Craig did not only defend the fair-haired Bond, but he has women all over stirred and shaken.

 7. Charlize Theron

Blondes in movie history

After snatching the Oscar for showing a gaunt, psychotic blonde, Theron went on to show just how elegant and in demand a determined, blonde actress can be. With Charlize’s peach skin tone and warm, light hair she displays effortless beauty.


 6. Scarlet Johansson

Blondes in movie history

Never in the past have actresses been so fresh, luscious and quirky, like the gorgeous Scarlet Johansson. Scarlet’s ice blonde tresses remind us of stunning old Hollywood. Combined with her rasping brandy ‘n honey tone, she proves that there is a whole bunch more to the blonde.


 5. Cameron Diaz

With her tricks for jokes, her broad, goofy grin and California blonde locks, Cameron puts the enjoyment in the blonde. She attests that blondes truly do have fun and wits.

4. Paris Hilton

Blondes in movie history

Paris Hilton is very famous for her blonde tresses. When she temporarily donned a brown extension, the world shouted for their favorite ditzy blonde to return. Even if she is worth millions, she remains humble.

 3. Madonna

The mother of creativity, has at all times changed her appearance and worn many diverse shades on her top glory. But no one so definitive, like her luscious blonde tresses. Contentious, unapologetic and able to control millions, the icon of Pop attests that blondes at times do rule.

2. Pamela Anderson

Blondes in movie history

Second position without a doubt is part of the decisive beach babe, Anderson. She labeled the plastic Barbie toy look of the 90’s, with her blanch blonde hair and her silicone implant. Pamela paved the sign bimbo look the planet over, forming a defining look for the record books.


 1. Marylin Monroe

Would there yet be doubts as to who might claim the first spot for the ultimate blondes of all time? Marylin not just defined a hair color but an entire generation. She pioneered the adorable blonde to the universe. Her famous hairstyle is instantly recognized as symbolic and thus, Marylin Monroe remains THE blonde.

These actresses cemented the way for fresh women in Hollywood. Their persistence during an era when females were not considered peer is to be remembered and appreciated.

This amazing post was written by amazing Mary S. from Hunting With Pixels. Mary is also a freelance writer and a blogger. She has contributed to many websites and blogs with her articles. In her spare time she just loves to write about herself in third person!

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