Blood Thirsty Trailer For THE EVIL IN US


Young friends travel to a cabin in the woods for a little getaway to drink, do drugs, and party as always but things turn to worse, why I’m not surprised. This film idea has been done many times before this one for horror films but for some reason, filmmakers out there who think they can put a fresh new spin on it and create something unique.

Check out the trailer for the film called The Evil In Us and it’s basically the same cabin in the woods movie formula that we’ve been seeing since Sam Raimi made Evil Dead.

Here’s the synopsis:

Six school friends meet up for a fourth of July celebration on a remote island off the Washington coast for a weekend of fun and partying. But the good times quickly turn into a nightmare when they unknowingly take a new bio-active drug containing a virus that causes fits of psychotic rage. Only one girl, Brie, doesn’t take the drug and she alone must fight to stay alive as her friends slowly turn into bloodthirsty cannibals. Trapped on the island, Brie must endure the unimaginable and fight for her life.


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