Boba Fett Statue is Coming To Make Your Christmas Awesome

Boba Fett Statue

Boba Fett fans check out this awesome statue, it is 8-inch tall statue which is bringing Jabba the Hutt a gift-wrapped Han Solo in Carbonite is the perfect Star Wars holiday decoration. Fett’s got his deadly candy cane gun, a bow on his head. So there you go, now you can go in Christmas mode with this super cool statue. I can smell holidays now.

Boba Fett has arrived this holiday season, and he’s packing an extra special gift for Jabba! It’s classic Fett with a few holiday twists, such as a thermal detonator ornament at his feet, a candy cane blaster, and a big red bow around his captured bounty. That’s sure to make Jabba say “Ho ho ho!” (But really, what doesn’t get Jabba to say that?)

Measuring about 8 inches tall, this resin tablepiece is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the end of The Empire Strikes Back that you can sneak into your family’s Christmas display. Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like getting a Christmas bonus for turning in such a notorious bounty as Han Solo!

You can buy one for $39.99 over at ThinkGeek.

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