Boku Vs. Siru Mobile: What is the Best Option for Gamers?


The mobile payment options have emerged in many areas as they have improved the way we transfer money. Smartphone users choose these methods because of their simplicity and efficiency. In an online casino industry, mobile payments are more convenient as they enable the players to move funds easily and quickly via their phones. 

Boku and Siru Mobile are among the leading phone payment companies since many casinos accept them along with direct carrier billing solutions. Boku has already more than 200 mobile phone network deals whereas Siru Mobile has worked with several gambling industries since its creation. Despite both are accepted by many casinos and used by several customers, let’s compare them by giving their respective features.


Boku Features

Based in the USA precisely in San Francisco, Boku is considered to be the global mobile payment method since it is available in more than 68 countries and supports 40 different currencies. The company was released in 2009 and has gained popularity for its high level of efficiency and security. Here are the features that help the users to make a straightforward payment process.

  • No bank account details. As privacy is important to the players, they avoid the payment option that shows the transactions on their bank statements. Boku is a perfect method for them because it doesn’t rely on bank accounts or any bank details. In fact, to use the Boku, you just need your mobile phone number and confirm your deposit with a text message. The amount that the users deposit through Boku will be deducted from their existing phone credit.
  • Deposit limit. On Boku, the customers can deposit only £10 with a £30 daily limit. This small deposit at British online casinos that accept Boku billing method offers some advantages to the gamblers but can be a disappointment for the high rollers. One of the benefits of this small transaction is your ability to manage your money so there is no risk of losing a huge amount of money.
  • Text message verification. Each transaction comes with a verification text for the user’s security. Once you’ve made your payment, a text message will be sent to you to ensure that you permit the payment. Just reply with ‘Y’ to confirm the transaction and you’ll receive another message with a receipt.


Siru Mobile Features

Siru Mobile works both via a browser and a mobile. This payment method is convenient as you don’t need to have a Siru account when you make a deposit. The company was launched in 2011 in Finland and has offices in many countries such as Great Britain, Sweden, and Norway. 

With an innovative solution that has developed, Siru Mobile is, nowadays, beta testing an e-wallet service and has launched Siru Wallet. Here are the features you’ll find in Siru Mobile.

  • Transaction confirmation. Apart from the test version, Siru Mobile works via a mobile phone number. Like Boku, no bank details are required, just your SIM card and you can make a deposit. To move funds with Siru Mobile, you need a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages. Then, the Siru Mobile will send you a message for a confirmation code that will be valid for 24 hours.
  • Siru Wallet. As stated above, Siru Mobile cares deeply about customer satisfaction and recently it has launched a mobile wallet. This cloud-based wallet enables the users to buy and send money with their phone numbers. Actually, it works like an ordinary e-wallet but it is in cloud storage. The main benefit of using this innovation is that the customers can access it with any devices anytime and from anywhere.
  • Limited Deposit. The maximum amount that you can deposit with Siru Mobile is only £20 and £300 per month. This method is, obviously, not for the high-rollers. Nonetheless, this deposit limit allows the gamblers to control their budget for playing.



With the growth of mobile payment solutions, the competition between them is so fierce. Boku and Siru Mobile are among the companies that have built a positive reputation among the customers. Boku is available in many countries whereas Siru Mobile currently works in limited locations. 

Nonetheless, the processes in both Siru Mobile and Boku are simple and quick permitting the users to move funds with their mobile phones. The players can, hence, make deposits safely as both provide an extra layer of security.


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