Books Are Best Read Digitally Or In Physical Form? Debate Continues 


Are physical copies still the best way to read a book, or has digital books taken over? That’s a question we all have in our minds for a while and cannot decide which is the best way to enjoy a book, and honestly, I see the value in both. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing how far you’ve gone through a physical book and the elegant bookmark you get to push in there to mark your progress of the book. On the other hand, my iPhone has an Overdrive account and I can actually pick my next book online and read it with one hand while lying on my back, you know the lazy style. Really, I’m still not quite sure where I fall in this debate, and if you feel the same about the whole book vs digital, maybe this video will help you decide. What do you prefer the physical book or read it on the tablet?

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