Boring Concrete Replaced by Legos

What can lego do !!! it changed a normal everyday boring concrete bridge into something to look at every day and admire.

lego bridge (1)

lego bridge (2)

lego bridge (3)

lego bridge (4)

Here was turned into 4 weeks, a bridge with an area of 250 square meters in Lego bricks.
thanks for this successful project goes to the sponsors Akzenta and Klauser shoes , Carsten Gerhardt, Jurgen Reusch, Lutz Essrich and Matthias Kreysing of the Wuppertal movement eV for the construction coordination and supervision, Lothar Bangert and his team from Wichernhaus for the preparation of the substrate and the operation and safety of the truck, the responsible city authorities for the good functioning of the approval process and the guys at Evolution industrial design for their kind assistance in planning.

lego bridge (5)

lego bridge (6)

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