Boy Noticed Something Strange By The Lake, What Comes Out Will Shock You

Boy on a walk by Estonia’s Lake Kurtna Matasjarv,  He spotted something very odd: there was a deep trough in the ground where nothing seemed to be growing. The strange path led down into the water, but there didn’t appear to be anything on or in the lake. Yet closer inspection revealed bubbles coming up from the bottom in a continuous stream.

The child alerted some nearby adults, and an investigation was launched. What they found is unlike anything ever seen before.

While walking near Estonia’s Lake Kurtna Matasjarv, a little boy spotted something strange.

The path, which appeared to have been gouged into the ground, led into the water, and there was no vessel or body in sight. But there were bubbles coming from the bottom of the lake in a steady stream.

He alerted nearby hikers who came to investigate. After a little digging, it became clear that they would need some help, so they called the authorities.

With the proper equipment in place, the mystery would hopefully be revealed.

Shortly after they began to dig, they struck the side of a metal object.

It appeared to be some kind of craft.

After a while, they found a hatch.

Captivated by the mystery, they kept digging.


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