Brad Pitt’s FURY Got New Battle Clips

Set in April 1945, Fury attempts to recreate the final push in the European Theatre of World War II. The movie stars Bard Pitt as Sergeant “Wardaddy,” commander of a Sherman tank crew. A new featurette (via Sony UK) titled “Recreating Hell” is about about the lengths the productions staff went to in order to create a period authentic movie, using real clothing and tanks from World War II.

A clip titled “Sherman Tiger Fight” (via IGN) is about a minute and half long and shows how out matched a Sherman is versus a Tiger tank.

World War II films that honor and recreate the sacrifices of America’s greatest generation is mighty inspiring. Both my grandfathers fought in the Pacific Theater of World War II as American allies for the Philippines. I haven’t seen many films that capture theater of war, maybe someday the studios will tap those untold stories.

Release Date October 17th.

Images via Collider.



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