Bradley Cooper’s Secrets That Can Get You On Top

why love Bradley Cooper

First, the title is meant to be purely P.G., so park your naughty thoughts at the door. Though, I admit, naughty thoughts and Bradley Cooper tend to go hand in hand. He is a hunk. No rational person can deny that, and he’s also a little bit of a player. Oh, Bradley, why must you dress up in your designer tees for nights out with so many beautiful women? He’s really not giving anyone else a chance. Tsk. Tsk.


Bradley does have his secrets, and one of them is to be perfectly groomed, even while getting in big trouble at bachelor parties in exotic locations. I have to admit, he looks great even in the midst of a massive hangover. Or should I say while in the midst of acting out a hangover scene? Whichever. It doesn’t matter. Bradley makes reality and fantasy look great.

Be Classy

This year he got the critical praise he deserves for his role in Silver Linings Playbook Sure, that amazon Jennifer Lawrence won the awards, but Bradley got at least part of his due, and he looked fabulous doing it. He dazzled at the Oscars and didn’t even laugh out loud when Jennifer fell up the stairs. That is class.

Grab A Gal

Still, my favorite Bradley Cooper look for evening is when he’s wearing tight jeans and designer tees for nights out on the town, preferably with the boys. My chest gets a little tight when I see him photographed with a hot, young starlet. I could take it better when he was hooked up with Renee, whom I still adore, although she has to let up on the fillers. (Yikes!) Zoe seemed like a nice girl, too, and Bradley’s mama liked her, but that fell apart.

Mama’s Boy

Bradley is willing to listen to his mama, and, as any smart man knows, that is another good way to get on top of things. Remember, your mother raised you, and she deserves respect. All good boys should at least pretend to pay attention when their mothers speak, especially about women they might want to marry. Mama knows best about that. Just ask my son (whom I had at a very young age).

Anyway, Bradley’s looks, talent, and mother are just a few reasons he is currently on top in the movie business as well as in my personal sexiest man alive list. Check him out when you get a chance. Just don’t touch him: he’s mine.

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