Brakeboard: Brake For Skateboards


Skateboarding downhill is something that even the pros mess up sometimes. It depends on the slope and the total distance, but you need more than just luck when you’re dealing with the force of gravity. The steeper the slope, the faster you’ll accelerate downward and the bigger the chance that you might break your neck.

Over the years, boarders have wished for one thing: brakes for bikes. And now they’re finally here–they just need to be funded first.

The Brakeboard is essentially a high-tech internal mechanical brake for skateboards. They fit any longboard and can be retro-fitted onto your existing board. Here’s how it works:

The brake consists of two independent cone clutches. A pair of spring-loaded levers push the inner cone members into the brake linings. These stainless steel levers are balanced with a unique linkage that connects through the skateboard deck. On top of the deck is a brake pedal that is foot operated. Brake power is controlled by body weight applied to the pedal.

In short, just apply pressure on the pedal to brake and you’re good to go (or rather, stop.)

Back It: $259

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