Are You Brave Enough To Eat The Hottest Chip in The World?

Carolina Reaper Madness chip

This is the hottest chip in the world and it sold in it’s own coffin boxes. It is from a company called Paqui Chips and they are calling it Carolina Reaper Madness chip, It is made with the most hottest Carolina Reaper Pepper, which holds the Guinness World Record for hottest pepper on the planet.

The chips are sold individually in a scary looking coffin-shaped box and when talking to Mashable, Paqui Chips Brand Manager Jeff Day explained why they are selling in such horrifying boxes:

“…quite honestly, that’s all that you need. That’s all that anyone needs. It’s the hottest chip you’ll ever have, I can guarantee you that. After you eat that one chip, trust me, you’re not looking to dig back into the bag and have a second one.”

Will you dare try one? See what happens when you dare eating it in the video below.

Carolina Reaper Madness chip Carolina Reaper Madness chip


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