Brazilian Hip Aesthetics and Your Curiosities

Having a beautiful body is every woman’s dream. Thanks to the development of technology and medicine, it can be said that women benefit more from aesthetic operations compared to the past.

Brazilian hip; It is an aesthetic operation that has increased its popularity, especially with the 2010s. Women; Thanks to this operation, they improve the curves of their lower bodies. In addition to their flat hips, they also have hip protrusions and an aesthetically striking hip appearance. Brazilian hip; It also stands out especially by helping to maintain the balance between the upper and lower body.


What is a Brazilian Hip? Brazilian Buttock Lift

Those who want to have a more aesthetic hip appearance have the question of what Brazilian hip is. It can also be defined as butt lift. It is an operation in which the person’s own regional oil is used. Excess fat tissues, especially in the abdomen, waist or leg areas of the patient, are preferred. Said adipose tissues; It is taken with the Vaser Liposuction method and injected into the buttocks area. In this way, a serious thinning is provided in the waist region of the person. In addition, a much more shaped and fuller looking buttocks are obtained. The hourglass body type is extremely popular. At this point, it should be said that the Brazilian hip is also an option that allows the person to have an hourglass body type appearance.

Many people have the question of why I should choose the Brazilian hip operation. The shape and size of people’s hips are affected by genetic factors. It should be said that in addition to the skeletal structure, the fat stored by the body also affects the appearance of the butt area. At this point, it is known that those who complain about the appearance of the hips resort to a strict diet and sports. In this way, they aim to tighten their muscles. However, many people do not have enough time for sports and diet. Those who complain about flat hips find the best solution to the problem with Brazilian hips. In other words, the Brazilian hip; It is the best solution for those who want to make flat hips much fuller and rounder. People; Thanks to this operation, they can have the Latin hip that they see on social media and envy. Brazilian hip; It also appeals to those who aim to get rid of excess fat in the abdomen.


How to Make Brazilian Hips

People who complain about the appearance of their hips and admire the Latin hips of women they see on social media have the question of how to make Brazilian hips. This operation; It includes three basic steps. First of all, fat is drawn from the abdomen, waist, legs or back of the person. At this point, it should be said that the Vaser Liposuction method is used. The regional oils obtained by the method in question are separated and purified. In other words, adipose tissues; Prepared for transfer. Then, the specialist physician steps in. Fat tissues ready for transfer; It is injected into the points determined by the doctor. Some of the fat injected into the buttocks melts in the first stage. In such cases, re-injection of fat is performed when needed within a few weeks after the application. In this way, it is ensured that the oils are much more permanent.

Brazilian hip; is performed under general anesthesia. Patient; does not feel any pain or discomfort during the operation.


Brazilian Hip Surgery

Brazilian hip surgery draws attention with its advantages.

The lower part of the body gains a much fuller appearance.

It becomes possible to get rid of unwanted fat in the abdomen.

Women; they realize that their clothes fit much better on their bodies.

Proportion is provided between the lower and upper body of the person.

Brazilian hip; Although it is a very useful aesthetic operation, every woman wonders whether it is suitable for this procedure. At this point, it should be said that especially flat, flat and small hips will gain a much better appearance thanks to this operation. Also, it appeals to both men and women. Implants are not used. This operation, in which the person’s own body fat is used, is preferred because it is a natural method. However, those who intend to benefit from this operation should have sufficient regional fat. Finally, the Brazilian hip; It is especially suitable for people who have skin elasticity and do not suffer from intense butt sagging problems

After Brazilian Hip Surgery

Those who achieve the hip look they want with Brazilian hips; After the operation, they have to pay attention to some elements. First of all, it is possible for the patient to feel pain at a level that cannot be considered serious after the operation. At this point, the pain reliever given by the specialist physician who performed the operation should be used. Patient; He will feel much more comfortable with painkillers.

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