Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

ThinkGeek got a something really cool for Breaking Bad fans, and it is a Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner. All you have to do is Just open the bullet-riddled RV door, insert a burning incense cone and then smoke will start coming out of the RV vent. How cool is that!

Breaking Bad RV Incense

Those of us in jobs that don’t pay enough for what we put into them have been canoodling our secret plan for going rogue and taking up into some criminal enterprise. One that’d make us millions of dollars, and turn us into celebrities, and ruin the lives of all the people we love. Wait. This doesn’t sound like such a good plan. Maybe we’ll stick to our low-paying jobs. For now.

Set up your own cook lab at home with this Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner. See, you’ll be cooking incense, not meth. That makes it okay – unless you have a roommate who’s sensitive to Nag Champa.

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