BREAKING BAD-Themed Bar Opening in London This Summer

BREAKING BAD-Themed Bar Opening in London This Summer

If you live in or near London or travelling to the land of the Queen, Now you can take it a step further and visit ABQ, a Breaking Bad-themed bar opening this July that’s named for the city in which the critically acclaimed series took place (Albuquerque, New Mexico). It’s a pop-up bar that’s inside an RV, and it’ll cost you 30 pounds for a two hour visit inside the 22-person capacity establishment. Using “gas masks, smoke, and equipment familiar from your chemistry classes,” patrons will be helped by employees to “cook” their own cocktails. The super small space requires a mailing list to make reservations, so even if you’re the one who knocks, they might not open the door.

Visit the official site here for more info.

Via: The AV Club

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