‘Breaking Bad’ Vent Lets You Hide Your Stash

‘Breaking Bad’ Vent Lets You Hide Your Stash

Walter White from Breaking Bad has got a lot of crap to hide, both figuratively and literally. Getting the big C sucks, but damn, what a mess his life has turned into ever since then. For guys like Walter, a good hiding place is a requirement, not an option.

Wall safes are so common and painstakingly obvious. Vent safes? Not so much. (At least, beforeBreaking Bad picked up.) If you’re handy with tools, then you can probably build your own decent-looking vent safe. If you’re not, then you’re lucky someone out there has come up with a pre-assembled version of the vent safe that you can install right into your wall.

You’ll need to cut a hole in your dry wall to install it, but hey, at least you won’t have to come up with the actual safe itself from scratch. It comes with a steep asking price of $260 though, but it’ll probably be worth it if it can keep your valuables and documents safe from prying eyes and slippery hands.

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