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It is becoming that time of the year again. Within months, people all around the world will flock to movie theaters to watch the latest movies. Before that time arrives, you should make sure that you know what is going on in the movie industry. The industry is very active and it never slows down. Hollywood celebrities always manage to make headlines. The movies that they make do as well. Below, you’re going to learn about the latest movie news.

Forrest Gump 

Forrest Gump 

Forrest Gump was a very successful film when it was released in 1994. In fact, it is one of the films that is credited with defining Tom Hanks’ career. The movie is still regarded as one of the best movies of all time. Is it really any wonder that someone would be interested in remaking it? Well, that is about to happen. It has been announced that Forrest Gump will be remade for a Bollywood audience. There is a good chance that it’ll be a massive success too. If the producers stick with the same formula, you can pretty much guarantee that this movie will force consumers to visit the theaters.

The new film is going to be titled, Lal Singh Chadha. It is set to star Aamir Khan. When it is released, it is recommended that you check it out.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Gets New CEO 

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is making big moves at its movie studio. Just today, the company announced that it would be naming a new CEO. The announcement came as a surprise to many. Some were placing their bets on who the new CEO would be. Others were looking for free online pokies games for Australians. In the end, Warner Brothers made news when they decided to select a woman. And, it was an excellent pick, to be honest. The company decided to select BBC’s Ann Sarnoff as their new CEO.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Will Sarnoff be able to keep the company afloat? Only time will tell whether or not the pick was a good one.


Netflix Works With George Clooney 

Netflix has come a long way since it was officially launched many years ago. The company produces more original movies than most. Plus, they’ve started working with some of the biggest stars Hollywood has to offer. Recent news confirmed that this was indeed the case. Well, the company announced that it will be working with George Clooney on a new post-apocalyptic science fiction movie. Not only is Clooney going to star in the movie, but he is also going to be directing. That is pretty impressive. Fans of Clooney will definitely want to stay tuned. There is a good chance that the film will be yet another blockbuster for the streaming giant.

Another 28 Days Later 

Another 28 Days Later 

28 Days Later was a major success when it was released. The second film was equally good. Well, it has been announced by director Danny Boyle that there will be another film. The director made the announcement just this week. He said that another sequel was in the works. He confirmed that he would be working with the original writer, Alex Garland. Unfortunately, little has been revealed. You just know that another film is coming at some point in the future. Who will star? What is the storyline? What is the movie going to be called?

These questions will be answered at a late date. The original movie was released in the United Kingdom in 2002. It stunned and captivated audiences. Fans will hope the latest film will be just as good.

The Prom 

The Prom 

Finally, Netflix has announced that it will try its luck with a musical movie. The Prom has already gained a lot of attention and much of that has to do with the film’s cast. Ryan Murphy will be bringing Broadway’s success to Netflix. Some of the stars featured in the film include Meryl Streep and Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, it will be a very long time before the movie is released. It is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2020. First, it will be featured in theaters. Then, it will be available on Netflix. Either way, you’ll want to check it out!

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