Breathtaking Undersea Photos

Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov is the head of the scientific diver’s team at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS) in Russia. He’s also a prolific undersea photographer that has graciously shared his incredible work online on countless sites (Flickr, Behance, LiveJournal, 500px) so others may study and marvel at the beauty of the underwater world.

Graduating from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the Department of Zoology, Alexander specialized in the study of invertebrate animals. While his career has led him around the world, many of the shots in his portfolio (and below) are from his work at the WSBS which is located near the Polar Circle on the coast of Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea.

The location is remote and the waters are frigid but the biological diversity speaks for itself. Many of the creatures he captures are rare and uncommon so his work is of tremendous value to researchers, biologists, and scientists. For the rest of us, we are simply thankful that there is such a talented photographer out there capturing the underwater beauty of our planet. The Sifter salutes you, Mr. Alexander Semenov! Please keep up the fantastic work and thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

See Alexander Semenov’s incredible photostream on Flickr!

1. Cyanea (jellyfish)


2. Chirolophis japonicus

Chirolophis japonicus 1

3. Aurelia sun (jellyfish)

Aurelia sun 

4. Gorgonocephalus arcticus (northern basket stars)

Gorgonocephalus arcticus 

5. Phoca largha (spotted seal)

Phoca largha 5a 

6. Cyanea (jellyfish)


7. Scorpaenopsis barbata (bearded scorpionfish)

Scorpaenopsis barbata 1 

8. Leucothea sp.

Leucothea sp. 

9. Solaster endeca (purple sun star)

Solaster endeca 

10. Surgeon


11. Bougainvillia superciliaris with Hyperia galba

Hyperia kid on the Baloon 

12. Plerogyra sinuosa (bubble coral)

Plerogyra sinuosa 

13. Myoxocephalus (shorthorn sculpin)


14. Urticina eques (sea anemone)

Urticina eques 

15. Cyanea capillata (lion mane’s jellyfish)

Cyanea capillata 

16. Coral

Coral 2 

17. Asterina pectinifera (starfish)

Asterina pectinifera 3 

18. Aurelia aurita sun (jellyfish)

Aurelia aurita sun 1 

19. Apostichopus japonicus (sea cucumber)

Apostichopus japonicus 1a 

20. Cyanea (jellyfish)


21. Taeniura lymma (bluespotted ribbontail ray)

Taeniura lymma 

22. Cyanea capillata with Navaga

Cyanea capillata with Navaga 

23. Arothron hispidus (White-spotted puffer)

Arothron hispidus 

24. Lysastrosoma anthosticta

Lysastrosoma anthosticta 3a 

25. Octopus

Take this 

26. Cyanea capillata (lion’s mane jellyfish)

Cyanea capillata white sea 2 

27. Risbecia pulchella (sea slug)

Risbecia pulchella? 

28. Aurelia noir

Aurelia noir 

29. Cyanea capillata (lion’s mane jellyfish)

Cyanea capillata 

30. Reef

Reef 1

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