Brew Your Own Beer WIth Picobrew

Brew Your Own Beer WIth Picobrew

If you’re particular about your beer or want to get creative when it comes to flavor, then you might want to get yourself a Picobrew. It’s a tabletop beer brewing machine that’s more compact than other systems. It’s roughly the size of a microwave and automates the brewing process for you.

All you have to do is provide the ingredients (that’s water, grain, and hops, based on the recipe of your choice) and push the button. Picobrew will then get to work for you. The mixture will be processed for three and a half hours. After that, the machine can be disconnected and you can have the mix ferment for a week before enjoying your custom beer.

Picobrew was launched on Kickstarter recently, where it was fully funded already by a community of beer lovers (and drinkers.) If you were late to the party, fret not, because you can just order from their website.

Check It Out: $1,600

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