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Talk about kids loving to explore dangerous, forbidden places or employees trying to spend as much time they can toying with their smartphones at office or making detours while running office errands and no one will be surprised. We all are used to such hanky-panky but we don’t have to for there is a smart solution to all employee and child monitoring worries: track a cell phone remotely, that’s all!

Don’t leave anything to doubt

Kids would always be kids and employees would love to have some fun on company’s dime. While there is very little you could do to know what they do especially in your absence, you could at least give technology a try. It’s way better than wishing your kids won’t go astray in their pre-teen or teenage and trusting your employees to stay faithful to your company! The name of the game is to not leave anything to doubt!

StealthGenie tracking app: Best tracking features

StealthGenie has found a smart answer to all child and employee monitoring troubles: cell spy software. I have tested this to know it works for a fact! Simply:

1.       Purchase StealthGenie online

2.       Install the app following the instructions mailed to you

3.       Start spying ‘like a boss!’

StealthGenie is better than any spy app that I have checked because it lets you:

  • Track cell phones and tablets
  • Choose from 3 packages
  • Track location, trigger alerts and Geo-fence areas

Tracking cell phone conveniently!

So having installed the application on the target cell phone or tablet, you need to log into your online Control Panel and check:

1.       Where your kids and employees are at the moment

2.       Where have the gone since you last checked- all their location and routes taken

3.       If they enter places you don’t want them to go

Taking phone tracking a step ahead, StealthGenie will ping you each time your kids visit that sneaky pub downtown or when your employees try playing it cool and visiting your rival’s office! Simply add unlimited places and locations on your Control Panel and label them as safe or unsafe and get alerts every time they enter or leave safe or unsafe places.

So you can concentrate in your meeting knowing perfectly well that you’d be the first one to know all about their whereabouts! Howzat?

What do you say? Monitor smart, shall we?

I’d like to know what’s you take on effortless tracking? Do let me know if you, too track a cell phone remotely in the comments section below but I’d highly recommend StealthGenie to parents and employers out there because that’s the way I can squeeze time out to write blogs: I have peace of mind!

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