Brilliant British Television Shows

Across the Pond: Brilliant British Television Shows

If you really want to enjoy quality television, British television is the way to go. Given that most of their series (and seasons) have a shorter run than typical American shows, they are able to up the quality to deliver their very best. In fact, here are just 5 of the most brilliant British television shows to watch:

1. Doctor Who

Without a doubt, Doctor Who is one of the U.K.’s greatest television achievements. The series has been around since November 23rd, 1963, and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Many fans call the years leading up to 2005 as “Classic Who” while the reboot in 2005 is known as “New Who.”

 day of the doctor christmas episode

The show follows an alien only known as “The Doctor” (currently played by Matt Smith) and his companions as they travel through time and space in his TARDIS. The travelers often come across trouble both on Earth and distant planets, and have to work together to put things right.

2. Sherlock

Sherlock is another great series (although it is currently only made up of 6 episodes across 2 seasons). Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson, the show is fast-paced and clever. While there are some glaring differences that fans of A. Conan Doyle’s work may not be pleased with, it is still very much a fun series to lose yourself in.

First Official Sherlock Season 3 Photo

3. Miranda

If you want a show that is all about situation comedy, Miranda more than delivers. The series just finished its third season, although a fourth season has not yet been announced.


Miranda Hart is both the main character and writer for this series that has been described as an “old-fashioned” sitcom. With her semi-autobiographical writing and consistent habit of breaking the fourth wall, the show is guaranteed to make you laugh.

4. Broadchurch

Broadchurch is a brand new miniseries that is now starting to make its rounds in North America due to its success in the U.K. It only has 8 episodes, although a second season is set to air in 2015.


Broadchurch is a detective drama about two cops (played by David Tennant and Olivia Colman) trying to catch the unknown murderer of a young boy. Unfortunately, the small town is full of dark secrets that make the investigation even harder. With one of the main characters, DI Alec Hardy, being from out of town (and associated with Sandbrook), investigating is made even more difficult.

5. Life on Mars

Life on Mars (2006 to 2007) is another detective series that has a completely different premise than Broadchurch. In fact, the main character, Sam Tyler (played by John Simm), is sent back in time following an accident. He then has to work with dirty cops in the year 1973 and also figure out how to get home.


If you want to view the very best that British television has to offer, these 5 titles will not disappoint.

About the Author: Max Chennault has been a fan of British Television since living in the UK while going to college. An avid blogger, you can read his articles on various websites.

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