Brilliant Lego McDonald’s Chicken McNugget Dispenser

Lego McDonald's Chicken McNugget Dispenser

The Lego builders over at YouTube channel Astonishing Studios put the contraption together using a Lego Mindstorms set — a custom software and hardware kit for creating toy brick robotics. Lego McNugget dispenser that can provide an order of chicken bites and dipping sauce in exchange for a €2 coin.

The machine will even reject coins not of the necessary size to fit alongside the internal rail system, where a correctly sized coin triggers a light sensor that sets off a motor for dropping the McDonald’s meal into place. It doesn’t appear to hold more than two boxes of McNuggets at a time. It’s also lacking an internal heating system, which may be outside the capacities of a Mindstorms kit. There must something along the way with a heat lamp equipped in the contraption.


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