British Govt Almost Revealed The Nintendo Switch 2 Plans

Nintendo Switch 2

The Nintendo Switch 2 may just have been confirmed for release in the near future, and from a most unexpected source: the UK government.

This intriguing tidbit of the report emerged from a Competition and Markets Authority document concerning Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision.

Page 43 of the appendices for this whopping great document contains a giveaway line. Whilst talking about the cloud-gaming competition for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the document mentions that Nintendo Switch Online “is only available on the Nintendo Switch device and [redacted].”

While ‘Nintendo Switch 2’ isn’t spelled out here for obvious reasons, that gaping redacted space is telling given the context. For this mysterious second device to have access to something called Nintendo Switch Online – which is only available through the Nintendo Switch right now – you’d have to assume that it’s a second Switch device of some sort.

As pointed out by Ars Technica, Nintendo has previously stated its intention to continue granting access to Nintendo Switch Online with its “Integrated Hardware-Software Next gaming system,” to be released in the amorphous “20XX”. In other words, the Nintendo Switch 2.

What’s more, given the source and the apparent confidence of the claim, it would be reasonable to assume that this information has been obtained from some kind of official regulation process. If that’s the case, then the Switch 2 might not be far off at all.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the UK Competition and Markets Authority meant something else entirely here. Maybe Nintendo is planning to make its library of retro games available to play on PC or mobile. Both Microsoft and Sony have been making moves into the PC space, to varying degrees.

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