Bruce Banner is No Longer The Most Powerful Hulk in The Marvel Universe


Bruce Banner’s version of The Hulk has gone through a lot of changes and has evolved a lot over the years, but he’s no longer the most powerful version of the Hulk in the Marvel Universe.

In the most recent issue of Jason Aaron‘s Avengers comic series, it’s revealed that the title of most powerful Hulk goes to Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk.

If you haven’t read Avengers #8 yet, there are spoiler ahead. But, if you’re just curious and want to get the latest updated on what’s happening in the comics, read ahead!

Prior to this story, Jennifer Walters and Thor ended up consuming the Blood of Ymir, to help in a fight against the Celestials. The blood causes them to grow into epic sizes so they actually stand a chance in a fight against the Celestials.

It’s that experience along with the exposure to both extremely high levels of radiation and Celestial beings left Jennifer Walters’ Hulk with some crazy side effects. When she’s The Hulk, she completely loses control in ways we’ve never seen from The Hulk before.

Avengers #8 features Doctor Strange studying Jennifer to try and figure out what it is that has changed within her. As you might expect, the Sorcerer Supreme is shocked by the results. Strange says:

“You’re the Hulk. Your body is already rife with Gamma radiation to kill most people many times over. And since your encounter with the Celestials, those Gamma counts have skyrocketed. Your body is now storing more Gamma energy than ever before. And it appears you’re sometimes able to release that energy…in the most explosive of ways.”

This is what makes her the most powerful Hulk. Jennifer responds with a statement that drives the point home:

“That explains the changes to my physique. And the increased power levels. God, you’re right, that sort of explosiveness is beyond what even Bruce can generate.”

Every time I read the comics, I’m reminded by how much I wish Marvel Studios would start telling these stories to the big screen! There’s so much awesomeness in these comics that I would love to see brought to life!

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