Buy GTA 5 Money to Recover Fortunes


Undoubtedly there are lots of ways to fatten your wallet in Grand Theft Auto 5. Do you want to get rich in GTA 5 alone or look for an alternative to silly transport missions? Or maybe you are wondering about the potential income from assault missions? All methods are good if you have tons of free time and pretty much patience, everything is like in the real life. However, if you are short on time and badly need fresh finances, look for a completely safe and fast way for GTA money drop. Having your wallet full quickly and effortlessly will significantly increase your gameplay emotions and satisfaction.


Smart investments are the ways to earn a lot in GTA 5

To make good virtual money, it is necessary to first invest it wisely. To do this, you will need two objects: the chief’s office (purchased on the Dynasty 8 Executive website) and a car warehouse (purchased via a computer in the office). The total investment cost will be at least $2.5 million. When choosing buildings, it is worth remembering that they all have the same interior. The higher price of this property is due only to the better location, which can be useful in many cases (less distance from the center, a large group of people interested in buying cars, etc).

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The most important features of the Import/Export mode

First, set the spawn location, select the chief’s office building, and then go to the computer in the office. Then select the “Export vehicles” option and find the vehicle. The make of the car will be indicated in the text message indicating the mission. If the class of the car suits your needs, then continue the game. If not, just press ESC and start a new session. Repeat this until you get the car class you need.

If you want to increase your profits, then you need to focus on selling high-end cars. To reach this level, you must complete all slots for middle and standard-class cars. The cars shouldn’t be repeated. To reach a good level of earnings, it is necessary to fill the warehouse with 10 cars of the standard class, the same number of the middle class, and leave 8 free places. Using this configuration, you will get a large number of high-end vehicles. Most importantly, by maintaining a constant number of mid and standard cars, you will significantly increase the total income.


Arms trade for high income

You can become an arms baron by purchasing an underground bunker. Hire scientists to research new modifications and ammunition for the MkII. This is the place where you can update your arsenal by unlocking useful modifications for your favorite guns, customize them to your taste and install explosive cartridges. However, the task of the bunker is not only to equip you with the best weapons but also to make a profit. Complete tasks for the supply of raw materials, and then when the goods are ready, go to the sale. The Maze Bank $1 million dropped is the best indicator of your smart investment.


Air contraband

The only place where you can get complete freedom is in the air! Buy one of the five available hangars and you will be able to complete challenging and exciting missions for the delivery of raw materials and the sale of air contraband. It is advisable to buy a hangar on the territory of the Fort Zancudo military base. This will give you the opportunity to freely fly and drive through the closed area without being shot by air defense or tanks. These hangars are more expensive but offer plenty of prospects. By the way, here you can complete the victorious free-mode Criminal Damage test. Each destroyed military equipment is estimated at slightly less than a million.

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