CALL OF DUTY New Leak Confirmed New-Gen SLEDGEHAMMER Game


Vanguard has been a success by the gaming industry’s standards, but by Call of Duty standards, it’s not much lucrative financially wise. The game might be a little boring for some, but it has still delivered a lot of enjoyment since launch, and most of its failures can be attributed to the fact that it isn’t part of an established Call of Duty series.

But as it turns out, Sledgehammer Games could be on track to get a second chance.

While the future of Call of Duty stays up in the air, one leaker has indicated that the team behind Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games, is already working on their next game in the franchise.

Tom Henderson took to Exputer to report the news that Sledgehammer is currently in pre-production of their new Call of Duty project, and while there aren’t actually any concrete plans for the game itself, regardless, they’re kicking off the creation process.

After Vanguard‘s production being shorter than other games in the series, and a few team losses along the way, it’s curious to see that Activision is giving them another shot for a new title. Either way, the game could be coming around 2025, whatever shape it takes.

Naturally, thoughts of a sequel to Vanguard have leaped to the forefront of conversation – but there’s actually little chance of it coming to life.

The game’s teams have suggested that they’d be excited to follow up on the World War 2 story, but given the game’s overall popularity with CoD fans, it’s unlikely a Vanguard 2 is in development. It’s a gamble to have Sledgehammer on again, but it’s likely that Activision is pushing them to innovate even further.

We won’t know for sure what the team is working on until we get a proper announcement – but that could be years away at this point. Either way, Sledgehammer is back, and here’s hoping they’ll bring something great.

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