Can You Solve This? The British Library Needs Your Help!

The sword, on loan from the British Museum, was found in River Witham, Lincolnshire in the 19th century and comes with an as of yet undecipherable inscription that the British Library are asking the public to have a go at solving.

“It has been speculated that this is a religious invocation, since the language is unknown” the British Library wrote in a blog post, which comes with a comments section full of ideas from people trying their hand at deciphering the message.


User Brendan O went with “This was clearly St George’s sword: Now, Dagger: O ClasH With DRaGon’s HeaD! O Reap VIctory!”, whilst others speculated whether the Rs were Rs and if the inscription in fact had any meaning at all.

The British Library has since updated its blog with a postscript that situates the River Witham sword in its European context, providing further insight into the potential meaning of the inscription.

What you think, Is it a real message in some language or in any unknown dialect or the craftsman was a mere illiterate and a wooly brain!

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