Can Your PC Play This 8K YouTube Video?

Can Your PC Play This 8K YouTube Video?

This is one cool video shared recently to me from my friend to check the power of my home Desktop, Which I think is a complete brute when it comes to games and videos. I won’t get into the specs of my PC but I love the idea of passing and sharing this video to friends and see how their PC cope with it. It is a beast of a 8k video and most of the PC’s will surrender in front it. Do tell me in the comments how your PC handled this untamed beast.

YouTube says it’s supported 8K video uploads since 2010, but the high-resolution option appears to have become available only recently. The video site told 9to5Google it added the 4320p label on videos “earlier this year.”

One of the first instances of 4320p/8K playback on YouTube is Neumann Films’ short, filmed on the RED Epic Dragon 6K camera.

YouTube recently added support for live-streaming 60fps video for gamers and also 4K video playback at 60fps.

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