CAPTAIN MARVEL Directors Reveal That the Film Was Massively Inspired by ROBOCOP


Just yesterday we posted an article about Captain Marvel and how the movie was inspired by the cop films of the 80s and 90s like Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours. Well, it turns out there were a lot of other movies that inspired the movie.

The directors, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, name a few classic action films, but the one they said had the biggest influence on the film was RoboCop, I wouldn’t have thought of RoboCop as being an inspiration for the movie, but they explain how in the following conversation from a set visit that /Film attended:

Executive producer Jonathan Schwartz, talked about the genre that inspired the movie saying:

“It feels weird calling it a genre, but the genre is ’90s action movie. Like if you think about movies like RoboCop or Total Recall or Terminator 2 or Independence Day, I think there are common action movie threads you can tease through those movies which are what we’re trying to pick up on in this movie.”

Boden and Fleck elaborate further about the heavy influence of RoboCop. Check out the conversation:

What were some of your touchstones for when you were pitching [Marvel Studios] and showing them those things, what were some of the kind of cool things you were thinking of?

Anna Boden: The list of movies that Captain Marvel is a love letter to is very expansive and strange. Everything from like…what, no, should I say anything?

Ryan Fleck: That’s the theme of this movie.

Anna Boden: I was going to say RoboCop is one of our big ones.

Ryan Fleck: There’s some Terminator 2 in there. French Connection is not so ’90s but…

Anna Boden: But…

Ryan Fleck: There’s a big homage to French Connection here.

Anna Boden: There certainly is, we even slipped a little Conversation into this movie.

Ryan Fleck: It’s not an action film, but you have to look for it.

Anna Boden: Yeah.

Ryan Fleck: There are little moments, homages to shots from our favorite movies.

This is the second time we’ve heard of RoboCop as a reference, but RoboCop is one of darkest visions of the future and most satirical visions of the future –

Anna Boden: True.

So are we going to see some of that humor in this, like that dark humor of Robocop?

Anna Boden: There will be humor. It is not a dark movie in that way like RoboCop. I think that what is exciting to us about RoboCop was this idea of a character who’s finding himself and finding his past. And even though it’s a dark movie, it’s also like extremely emotional in that way. If you remember that scene of him walking into his own home and remembering those moments from his past life and remembering who he was, I mean, that’s big. And that was one of the first things we talked to Marvel about in terms of this character: the idea that self-discovery and reconnecting and rediscovering your humanity and who you were, and it’s a huge part of this film.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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