CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Breakdown – Easter Eggs, References and Things You Missed

Captain Marvel

We saw the new trailer for Captain Marvel recently and for the most part, it is quite awesome.

I was really impressed by the trailer! Those visuals and the space battle shots were amazingly fun to watch! We still don’t know how specifically the story is going to play out, but this trailer gave us a few new hints at what we can expect and some things we can think about.

Check out this new breakdown video for you to watch from Mr. Sunday Movies that offers some insight on the Easter eggs, references, and other things that you might have missed in the trailer. It’s a great breakdown that points out a few things that I didn’t notice, and he offers some fun theories about what we might be able to expect as well. So it’s definitely worth watching. Plus, these videos are just entertaining!

One thing that a lot of fans have been joking about is that Nick Fury’s eye might have been clawed out by a cat because we see Fury playing with a cat at the end of the trailer. That would be pretty damn funny if that ended up being the case!

The one thing that I didn’t like regarding the trailer was that Agent Coulson wasn’t around and I just love his character in the movies! I thought for sure we’d see more of him, but we did see a lot of everything else, so I’m not going to complain!

Check out the video below.

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