Carl Zeiss VR One Headset For iOS And Android Announced

Carl Zeiss VR One

A number of companies are working on VR headsets, and now Carl Zeiss has announced a new device called the VR One that will work with Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS platform.

The Carl Zeiss VR One is designed to work with a range of smartphones which come with displays between 4.7 inches and 5.2 inches.

Samsung recently announced their new Samsung Gear VR, and the Carl Zeiss VR One works in a similar way, your smartphone is inserted into the headset.

Carl Zeiss VR One

VR ONE can be used with multiple smartphone devices with display sizes between 4.7 and 5.2 inches. The specific tray is tailor-made for each smartphone, allowing precise positioning for optimal image quality. The unique seamless mobile integration ensures excellent usability and mobility. Simply slide your smartphone into VR ONE and immerse into another world without having to buy additional components.

Form follows mindset: The black-and-white body made of durable polycarbonate covers the smartphone by hiding it completely. The smartphone’s camera is fully usable thanks to the dark transparent shield.

The Carl Zeiss VR One will retail for $99, and the company is now taking pre-orders on the device. Source Carl Zeiss, Engadget

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