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The entire social and cultural life of Japan is necessarily reflected to one degree or another in anime cartoons. This kind of national art of Japan and the theme of gambling did not pass by. An anime series called Kaiji, for example, is all about gambling. And, in addition to a gripping plot in the genre of a crime-thriller drama, it also reveals to the audience the peculiarities of the conditions of gambling life in Japan. This anime can be considered a bold fantasy on the theme of gambling, adapted to the real realities of modern Japan.

The main character of the cartoon series, named Kaiji, is young and hot. He sees gambling as the only way to earn money for himself. Having suffered a big loss the underground, the young man decides to borrow money from the moneylender Endo. However, he has no prospects of paying off his debts. Plus, on Kaiji, someone else’s debt is suddenly hanged, and even interest to it. The usurer Endo, wanting to get his money from Kaiji, offers him a way out of the situation – participation in a dangerous gambling game on the ship “Espuar” (“Hope”).

Onboard the “Nadezhda” players do not expect the usual roulette and poker, as in an underground casino. Here the stakes are much higher, and the games are different. However, in just one night you can get rich here (so much so that, in addition to paying off all debts, Kaizdi will also have money for the rest of his life). Or you can simply not get off the ship if you are not lucky. However, the main character has no choice, and he decides to go all-in.

On the ship “Espuar” he joins the cycle of monstrous and strange games in which the stakes are health, freedom, and even the lives of the players. All this is the fun of the eccentric old billionaire Hyoudou, the head of the large corporation Terai. If you try to understand the correspondence of the plot of this anime with the real conditions of the gambling life in Japan, it turns out that there is nothing to complain about. There is indeed an official ban on gambling in Japan, and there are indeed underground gambling establishments organized by the Yakuza mafia clan. Officially, in this country, it is only allowed to play the lottery and place bets on sports. Therefore, Kaiji and other participants in violent games cannot turn to the authorities for help and are forced to act independently, according to the laws of the criminal world.


When watching the anime “Kaiji”

The viewer may not understand the number of bets in Japanese yen (although it is very easy to guess the approximate scale from the reactions of the characters). It is enough just to estimate the approximate exchange rate of the yen to the US dollar (1 yen = 1.3 cents), and then remember that most of the rates in the cartoon are in the hundreds of millions of yens, that is, millions of dollars. Imbued with the spirit of breathtaking excitement while watching the anime “Kaiji”, you can go all out and try your luck, literally without leaving your home, visiting a gaming casino, or something similar. To play in the club, you will need everything the same as for watching anime online – any gadget with Internet access.

The love for slot machines of the inhabitants of Japan could not but be reflected in art. For example, the image of the famous game pachinko, which is known for its incredible popularity, often serves as a muse for creating anime. For example, there is an adventure cartoon called Noble Gin the Pachinko Player, which was filmed in 2001. Also based on this famous slot machine, the comedy anime “Phantom Thief Roman” was filmed in 2013 by director Ogura Hirofumi.

The adventures that take place in it are reminiscent of the story of Robin Hood. Events unfold in Japan during the fall of the shoguns’ rule. There is also the anime “Kaiji”, an interesting series about gambling, which also features pachinko, along with other gambling entertainments. This cartoon is replete with metaphors and emotionally intense scenes. You will not find chases and shootings in it, but you can fully learn the essence of excitement, feel the mood and logic of the players, and delve into the tactics and strategy of games. Based on the pachinko game, it is planned to release the anime “Umi Monogatari” directed by Junichi Sato.

This will be a beautiful story about the desire of the mermaid sisters to get out of the underwater world with the help of a magic ring. Another slot machine inspired director Okamoto Hideki to create an anime with an etchi called Civil War Maidens. The Pink Paradox ”in 2011. This is a comedy story of a modern schoolgirl who is transported into a parallel reality to save Japan. Such an abundance of cartoons dedicated to slot machines is explained by the great love of the Japanese for pachinko. After all, the popularity of pachinko gambling halls breaks all records. This slot machine is very simple but incredibly interesting. It is a game similar to virtual pinball. The beauty of this game is that the reward received for a good game can be immediately exchanged for money.

Residents of Japan devote a lot of time to gambling. In addition, slot machines are now widespread throughout the world. A great way to try your luck without leaving your home is virtual slot machines. They are as varied as the machines in the gambling halls. You can play online slot machines from BetSoft, for example, via the Internet, and it is free or not.


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