Cassette Tapes Sales On The Rise Again Thanks To GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


The cassette tape had become a piece of technological history on the brink of extinction, up until now. But in 2017 something remarkable happened, cassette album sales are on the rise again, and it’s all thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy. reports that last year, more than 174,000 cassettes were sold, that’s up from 2016, where 129,000 were sold. That is still a lot, considering in 2009, 2010 and 2011, cassette album sales didn’t even break 35,000.

The 3 top cassette albums sold in 2017 were both soundtracks for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy. 22 percent of all cassette album sales in 2017 were generated by those three Guardians albums. United, they totaled 39,000 of all cassette album sales in 2017.

I think it is pretty obvious why those cassettes sold more, besides the fact that each soundtrack is loaded with great music, they also double as a physical prop of Star Lord’s personal mixtapes that he uses in both films.

The Stranger Things, Volume One soundtrack is sitting on number 4 which is a very good sign, I love cassettes and now they are coming back.

It is amazing that the cassettes of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtracks sold more than all the sales for Eminem, Kanye, Prince, Nirvana and Twenty One Pilots combined.

Sony’s classic Walkman also saw huge spikes in sales during 2017. I own two already but you have to buy one if you have the love for cassettes, isn’t it!

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